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Share: Post on NiteBulb to let your friends and the rest of the NiteBulb community know what's going on tonight. Perhaps you just stumbled into a fantastic karaoke bar with incredible beer choices and a bumping crowd in Williamsburg - Fill us in! Or maybe you just made that rookie mistake of cabbing down to a club in the Meat Packing District at 2AM to find a 30 minute wait and $300 cover charge - We want to know! Keep your fellow NiteBulb community informed!

Explore: Discover new venues and key information before embarking on a night on the town. Ever find yourself conflicted on what venue or neighborhood to check out tonight? Will there be a cover charge at the venue you had in mind? A great DJ? Stellar cocktails? A fun crowd? Double check with NiteBulb before heading out to see what other users may have posted for that venue. Or, if you find yourself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, see what spots in the area other NIteBulb users suggest. 

Bottom line: Let's team up to make going out easier and more fun! Goodbye rough nights of standing in line and dropping hundreds before seeing the inside of a venue, and hello smooth going out adventures.